6 Compelling Reasons Why An Online Business Degree Is Worth Pursuing

These days, a lot of people are pursuing an online business degree while working a full-time job. Online business programs offer working professionals the flexibility and accessibility to earn their business degree without ever leaving the comfort of their home. In fact, many of the nation’s top universities and colleges now offer online programs or a hybrid options.

Is an online business degree legit?

According to Judith Phillips, the force behind GetEducated.com and an online education analyst for 20 years, hiring managers are less concerned about the method of delivery and more apt to focus on a school’s reputation. (1) She adds:

“… most employers are not overly concerned about how a degree was earned. They are, however, very concerned about overall school reputation and educational quality.”

Hence, it is important that a person does research as not all online business degree programs are created equal.

Most online business degree programs range from around 120 to 180 credits. In terms of time requirements, some schools have a fixed schedule, while others allow students to go at their own pace.

Typically, a traditional bachelor’s degree usually takes around four years to complete. These days, more schools now offer accelerated online business degree programs that can take as little as 18 months to complete.

People with online business degrees usually have a career track for management or executive positions. Others are usually bound for corporate positions in marketing, accounting, finance, logistics, or human resources.

Below are the compelling reasons why online business degree is worth pursuing:

6. Access To A Variety Of Specializations. Students with an online business degree can specialize in one of several areas such as accounting, finance, marketing, business law, operations management, or entrepreneurship. There is no doubt that a degree in business is one of the most versatile majors available as it can prepare a person for a range of lucrative career opportunities.

5. Flexible Time And Pace. Earning an online business degree helps working professionals advance their career opportunities while remaining employed. While many traditional business schools use a cohort model, online business degrees provide a flexible learning experience so that students can begin their degree any time of the year.

4. Accessibility Anytime, Anywhere. Students in an online business management degree can access online lectures asynchronously. Many online business programs even deliver a semester’s worth of materials upfront, letting students complete the work at their own pace and as their schedule allows.

3. A Wider Range Learning Options. Online learning allows students to find a program that fits their interests and skills, regardless of where they live. While a local college or university may not offer an MBA, for example, online learning makes some of the best universities in the country accessible to anyone with an internet connection.

2. Expansive Network Of Contacts. Business is driven by networking, and online business degrees feature students from around the country with diverse backgrounds. This expansive network gives online students an additional edge over their on-campus counterparts.

1. Exposure To Technology. With advances in technology, online learners can easily connect with classmates and faculty through live lectures, online discussion groups, and video conferences.

Graduates of online business degree programs increase their job opportunities and salary potential as they earn higher-level business degrees. The median salaries for graduates of business administration degrees are as follows: Associate Degree: $37,456; Bachelor’s Degree: $45,301; and Master’s Degree: $51,931. (2)

If a student is interested in an online business degree, we definitely encourage them to research the top online business degree programs available to find the best programs that fit educational and career goals.

Credit goes to the team at BestColleges.com for their awesome list.


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