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Our mission: To help all those who seek to improve themselves and make their lives better through the pursuit of higher education online.

After all, investing in education is the best way for people to achieve their true potential.

Our site is a resource for information on online schools and colleges as well as other online education-related topics.

We really hope that you find out site informative and helpful in your pursuit of higher educational opportunities, and eventually … a better life.

The team here at OSR would like to wish you the best in your journey.

Team OSR


Meet The Team

Angela Foster

Angela Foster is the type of person you’ll see burning the midnight oil when it comes to researching on topics, writing the content, and managing the operations of this site.¬†OnlineSchoolsResource.com, or OSR as she fondly calls this site, is her passion project.

Angela strongly believes that students and parents alike are finding that online learning can save their families a lot of money that would otherwise be spent on commuting or other traditional means of education. In addition, it has a very fast accreditation process that makes it very attractive to young students looking to get a college degree. 

Having experience herself in advancing her skills and knowledge through online learning, Angela firmly believes that online learning offers some great benefits that people are now just realizing.

“Thanks to advancements in technology and Internet connectivity, we can now pursue education anywhere, anytime. Online education has no boundaries. People are now enjoying the benefits of technological advancements in education that previous generations would never have imagined or had access to.”

She adds:

“Online learning has been growing exponentially over the past decade. There is no doubt that it will continue to become more popular in the years to come.”

With modern technology, software, and internet infrastructure making distance learning more feasible and affordable, Angela sees more people taking up online learning.

“It currently plays a very important role in helping students continue with their education as they pursue their dreams. It also plays a major role in helping working professionals to further advance their careers while balancing their life-work situation.”

Today many schools and colleges offer distance learning models along with their existing college degree programs. As more people are exposed to and are creating more demand for online learning, Angela believes that we should expect more innovation to drive this industry going forward.

Aside from managing OSR, Angela loves to cook and bake for her young family. Taking care of her family is of course her main job as she says nothing is more fulfilling than having a loving and healthy family.


Maggie Johnson

If there are loose ends that need to be tied, Maggie is always there to help.

Be it writing last minute articles, doing in-depth research on the latest questions brought up by readers, or updating some content, you can count on Maggie to be tapping on her handy HP laptop to save the day.

This master multi-tasker can do anything she sets her heart into. Even technical issues are no match to Maggie. OSR would not be where it is now if it was not for Maggie’s versatility and excellent trouble-shooting skills.

When asked how she got to be the talented multi-tasker that she is, Maggie says:

“I grew up learning how to do things on my own. When resources are scarce, and I’m talking about money (lol), you tend to find means and ways to fix things. You try to learn things on your own. In a way, it taught me how to become independent and accept challenging situations as nothing but opportunities to becoming better.”

That’s exactly why we are proud to have her as part of our team.

In addition, this is also what she has to say:

“I believe in our mission. People, no matter their age, should invest in their education. With technology and the internet enabling anytime, anywhere education, there is no excuse these days not to go to school to prep for a better future.”

Well-spoken from our in-house Master of Everything.

When not tied down with the rigors of helping out with the day-to-day operations of OSR, you will find this charming lady doing some marathon watching on Netflix with her big bowl of popcorn, shopping to her hearts delight, or having some zen-yoga sessions.


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If you have any questions, suggestions, or simply want to share something with us, please contact us at:

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Hope you have an awesome day.