Ohio GREAT: Promoting Global Prosperity Through Higher Education

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The state of Ohio has always been at the forefront of supporting higher education. In 2015, Ohio launched a platform to advance world-class higher education to help drive business innovation and prosperity in the state and in the global market.

Ohio’s Global Reach to Engage Academic Talent, known as Ohio GREAT, is a project of the Ohio Department of Higher Education. Ohio GREAT mission is to attract more high-achieving students to the state’s 200 public and private educational institutions.

Ohio GREAT is an innovative state-level program that is supported by various stakeholders which include the state’s educational institutions, local businesses and companies, and local community leaders.

The following are Ohio GREAT’s policy priorities:

  • Promote Ohio as a postsecondary destination for talents from different parts of the world.
  • Encourage international students to remain in Ohio after they complete their educational program.
  • Enhance the competitive profile of native Ohio students in the global market.

Part of the program’s initiative is to broadly roll out co-op programs in conjunction with encouraging more internship programs to make Ohio’s students better prepared and more equipped when they join the workforce.

With this hands-on training, Ohio GREAT hopes to provide students with the opportunity to develop their skills and advance the knowledge that they have learned in school.

The program also supports and promotes online school and education most especially for working students who are doing their best to balance their family and work schedules with the school.

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